Free And Best Password Managers For Windows

By | October 31, 2017

Here are three best free password managers for windows. These allow you store and control all of your logged-in ID’s and passwords without any difficulty. All these password manager applications are totally free and might be downloaded to Windows operating systems. These freeware offer different features, such as: create a master password to secure all of your logged-in ID’s and passwords, create passwords, encoding your password information, storing all of your user names and passwords, controlling all of your opened ID’s and passwords, protecting your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube accounts login data, protecting your credit card details, overseeing your bank account information, unlocking your passwords and so on. Along these lines, check out this list of free password manager freeware and notice which you like best.


It is a free and handy password manager application. It lets you store all of your secret passwords in one place easily, so that you can expediently access them on every occasion you need. It offers you a master password to save your complete login information. PassBox likewise restores and recovers all the password data.


It is another free password manager tool for windows. It lets you save all of your passwords at one single point. You can likewise backup your login information in this software. For using this application you require to established a master password for it. It is a handy tool and it doesn’t need installation.


It is a great password manager freeware. It lets you protect your online log-in information (IDs and passwords) of all of your accounts of different services and secures them with a master password. It is a handy tool and it doesn’t need installation. It is a cross platform freeware, as it likewise works well with Windows, Linux and Mac.